Wings up and take no prisoners!

Welcome! This blog is about everything that is related to Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy from the upcoming Dreamworks movie "Rise of the Guardians" based on William Joyce's books for children "Guardians of Childhood". Here will be posted art, pictures, fan fics, excerpts from books etc. that involve Tooth. I hope you'll find this blog worth of your time, and you are more than welcome if you send me tips to help me making it better. IMPORTANT: I'm NOT a rp blog! Although, I do follow other role-play blogs, this is just a RotG fandom blog in which I reblog things about the movie and books. Sorry


what do you mean this isn’t what howlblack looks like?? what do you mean i need to stop taking creative liberties with charas that aren’t mine????? also i can’t draw 12 yr olds apparently so lets pretend he’s like 16 or something idek
instead of doing stuff i’m supposed to be doing, i drew howlblack again bc howlmun is feeling under the weather and idek what possessed me to draw a full figure but here is my ver i guess haha ;;v;; i tried to mesh Pitch’s robe with Tooth’s fluff and this is what happened. i hope that it’s okay

((ASDFGHJKL QAQ HE’S BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME *sputters and sniffling along with ugly sobbing* I LOVE IT OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT QwQ))

Really old sketch I fixed today in classes.
btw, it’s transparent

if there is one non-canon ship with canon characters that i simply adore, it’s christmas cookies, and i rarely see fanart of it.
so, i drew this.

Toothiana by strawberryneko33

Why feathers?! Why did I try to colour them?! Oh well, I love the design of Toothiana, although I wish they’d kept the Hindu/Buddhist themes too.


I found a bunch of unfinished sketches of Tooth wearing Pitch’s jacket |: