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Welcome! This blog is about everything that is related to Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy from the upcoming Dreamworks movie "Rise of the Guardians" based on William Joyce's books for children "Guardians of Childhood". Here will be posted art, pictures, fan fics, excerpts from books etc. that involve Tooth. I hope you'll find this blog worth of your time, and you are more than welcome if you send me tips to help me making it better. IMPORTANT: I'm NOT a rp blog! Although, I do follow other role-play blogs, this is just a RotG fandom blog in which I reblog things about the movie and books. Sorry

I Needed Closer.


Author’s note: I write this because Easter is about new beginnings. But you must forgive to start over. 

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Doodled Tooth ^^.

Went a good bit overboard with the henna, but I like this overall. uwu

Hummingbird heights

My first time drawing Toothiana and what a beautiful design she is.
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I’m sad that I got into this fandom a couple of years too late but best of luck with the book! x

We’re sorry you missed the deadline, this is beautiful! At least we get to share your wonderful artwork!

I didn’t draw RS for a longggggg time

now here is it!

Remember the storms


One of the things in this world that turns me into a blood-thirsty furious beast is when a favorite character of yours, after a long time of trials, hard situations and character development which made him/her shape into the character you adore, gets reverted back to his original personality in a matter of milliseconds.