Wings up and take no prisoners!

Welcome! This blog is about everything that is related to Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy from the upcoming Dreamworks movie "Rise of the Guardians" based on William Joyce's books for children "Guardians of Childhood". Here will be posted art, pictures, fan fics, excerpts from books etc. that involve Tooth. I hope you'll find this blog worth of your time, and you are more than welcome if you send me tips to help me making it better. IMPORTANT: I'm NOT a rp blog! Although, I do follow other role-play blogs, this is just a RotG fandom blog in which I reblog things about the movie and books. Sorry

Beware, perspective was attempted here. memorixkvina Toothiana sketch to try and get back into doing more glory pictures.
Hi there, Sophie Senpai... I've been having a rough time lately I'm afraid. And your art has always managed to make me feel better. Could I maybe see some cute SweetTooth work of yours? Just a sketch maybe?


Bunny and his carrots 2.0 


I went overboard and did a background so now I want to color it and everything.akjsdnbahe

Took a prisoner.jpg
elf shaming 2/?